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Zuzanna Janin, (born 1961) is a Polish visual artist and former teenage actor. Janin lives and works in Warsaw and London. Janin has created sculpture, video, installation, photography and performatives. Her work was shown in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago;[1]


Janin was a teenage actor in a Polish TV serial Szalenstwo Majki Skowron (Madness of Majka Skowron).

She participated in numerous shows in Europe and world-wide. Janin had a solo presentation and screening at Kunstverein Salzburg; National Gallery Zacheta Warsaw; Foksal Gallery Warsaw; Center for Contemporary Art Warsaw; Kunsthalle Wien Project Space; Center for Contemporary Art Laznia, Gdansk; Sculpture Museum at Królikarnia National Museum Warsaw; Museum of Modern Art Warsaw; National Museum, Cracow; Gallery lokal_30, Warszawa; ASAB Bogota/Colombia; and MAM Museu de Arte Moderna Rio de Janeiro. She took part in Sydney Biennale, Istambul Biennal, Liverpool Biennale, Fokus Lodz Biennale, and 54th Venice Biennale.

Her work includes the sculpture of cotton candy "Sweet Girl, Sweet Boy",[2] an installation made out of car models "Dreaming of Speed & Adventure",[3] the video installation "All that Music!" made of 6 simultaneous HD videos showing teenagers playing at home or the video-performance "Fight", which portrays her fighting a never-ending-box-mach with a Polish heavy-weight world champion.

In 2005, Zuzanna Janin opened her studio in Warsaw for exhibition and event creating together with art historian and curator Agnieszka Rayzacher independent space in Warsaw called lokal_30. In 2012 lokal_30 changed the location into bigger space and is now operating as Contemporary Art Gallery lokal_30, directed by Agnieszka Rayzacher.

In 2009-2010, she started working on the first series of video installations Majka from the Movie. The video series is composed of non-narrative episodes based on the 1970s Polish television series Szaleństwo Majki Skowron (Madness of Majka Skowron).[4] Majka, a teenage girl vagabonds through a kaleidoscope of cinema and television frames from the 70s till present.

In 2013, she realized the first part of project "he End" -- "Chapter 1. A Trip to Fear" after her a trip to prison colony to deep Russia - a sort of research expedition, poetic trip and family archeological excavations, based on discovery of photograph of the three orphaned children from the 19th century – unfolds in the realm of modern-day Russia, linking the binds between personal and universal memory. Parallel to her trip and video projects the artist works on the sculptures and installations: "Pasygraphy. SOLARIS" (serie of objects made of clothing, invite reflection on the arbitrariness of social roles, their fluid boundaries, and the place of individual freedom within the workings of state and society), "All my Videos", "Volvo 240, Transformed Into 4Drones", "Seven Fathers" (she breaks the traditionally understood fatherhood, re-evaluates it and turns the fragments of her biography into an important and universal statement on one of the crucial crises of the contemporary).


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