Zuzanna Korwin Gosiewska

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Zuzanna Korwin Gosiewska
Coat of arms POL COA Ślepowron.svg Ślepowron
Noble family Gosiewski
Father Aleksander Korwin Gosiewski
Mother Ewa Pac
Died 1660

Zuzanna Korwin Gosiewska (died 1660) was a Polish noblewoman (szlachcianka).

She was daughter of Aleksander Korwin Gosiewski de armis Ślepowron and sister of Wincenty Korwin Gosiewski, two of the most important political and military actors in the most troubled times of the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth: the Polish–Muscovite War (1605–18), the Smolensk War, the Chmielnicki Uprising and The Deluge.

By her mother she belonged to the magnate family Pac, de armis Gozdawa. Her husband, Mikołaj Krzysztof Sapieha, de armis Lis, was the Palatine-Governor of Nowogródek (1618–1638), Palatine-Governor of Minsk (1638-) Record-keeper of Lithuania since 1639 and District-Governor of Wilk. She had two children, Jerzy Sapieha and Anna Sapieha.

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