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Zvezde Granda (Grand Stars, Serbian Cyrillic: Звезде Гранда) is a televised singing contest in Serbia organized by the Grand Production record label. It is broadcast live on commercial television throughout the Balkans.

Airing on Pink TV in Serbia, as well as its subsidiaries Pink M and Pink BH in Montenegro and Bosnia-Herzegovina, the competition has so far been held in five seasons - 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2011 with the sixth season currently in progress. Musical numbers performed by the contestants usually fall in the folk, pop-folk and turbo-folk genres, although since the 2007 season there has been a significant increase of straight pop elements.

Similar to the Idol series, over the course of a season, the eventual Zvezde Granda winner is voted by the TV.


The show starts with a jury consisting of folk music stars and show's producers, led by the owner of Grand Production, Saša Popović, picking out the contestants in the auditions throughout Serbia and other Balkan countries.

Those picked at the auditions get a chance to showcase their skills on televised broadcasts over the next few months. Eventually, there are 6-7 finalists left (mostly three guys and three girls), who compete in the final night, when one, Grand Star, is chosen. This act is, however, purely symbolical - being the chosen Grand Star does not guarantee success. The only reward for other finalists is one or two songs on Zvezde Granda compilation album. After that, they are pretty much left on their own, to find the way to viewer's hearts and make an album.


Zvezde Granda 2004[edit]

Contestant From Position reached
Branislav Mojićević Čačak Winner
Stevan Anđelković Leskovac Second place
Tanja Savić Smederevo Third place
Darko Filipović Leskovac Fourth place
Nemanja Nikolić Nišava District Fifth place
Slavica Ćukteraš Šabac Sixth place

Bane Mojićević won the competition, yet, his colleaagues Tanja Savić, Slavica Ćukteraš and Darko Filipović gained much more popularity. The three of them had their first albums come out almost immediately after the finals. Over the next few years, Tanja Savić and Slavica Ćukteraš have become established folk music stars in Serbia and other part of the Balkans.

Zvezde Granda 2005[edit]

Contestant From Position reached
Milica Todorović Kruševac Winner
Aca Ranđelović Leskovac Second place
Jadranka Barjaktarović Berane Third place
Saša Jovanović Fourth place
Jovana Pajić Belgrade Fifth place
Nenad Jovanović Sixth place

The winner of the second season of Zvezde Granda was Milica Todorović. This generation of Grand Stars was arguably less successful than the first one, so by 2009. only Jadranka and Milica had their contracts with Grand renewed. Both released their first albums this year, named "Krv sam tvoja" (I'm your blood) and "Pamtim ja" (I remember), respectively.

Zvezde Granda 2007[edit]

The third season started during Spring 2007. Presented by Ena Popov and Marko Miljkovic, both of whom rose to prominence on Veliki brat reality show, this season garnered enormous viewership.

Contestant From Position reached
Dušan Svilar Subotica Winner
Radmila Manojlović Pozarevac 2nd Place
Milan Dinčić Grdelica 3rd Place
Milan Stanković Belgrade 4th Place
Nemanja Stevanović Belgrade 5th Place
Slobodan Batjarević Leskovac 6th Place
Silvija Nedeljković Belgrade 7th Place

The Grand Star was revealed on the 15th of September at Tašmajdan Stadium. This time the winner Dušan Svilar was somebody with totally different approach to "Grand music". His victory caught many people by surprise, since he was first pop singer in this mainly folk music competition. Dušan was only 17 when he won. Although Dusan won, his colleagues Milan Stanković and Radmila Manojlović received much more fame.

Zvezde Granda 2008-2009[edit]

The show's fourth season started on September 20, 2008, featuring 37 contestants.[1] It was presented by previous year's contestants Silvija Nedeljković and Nemanja Stevanović.

The finalists were:

Darko Lazić won the competition on June 20 at Belgrade Arena in front of 15,000 people.[2]

Zvezde Granda 2010-2011[edit]


  • Stefan Petrušić from Smederevska Palanka - Winner
  • Ivana Pavković - 2nd place
  • Milan Mitrović - 3rd place
  • Mišel Gvozdenović 4th place
  • Mirjana Mirković 5th place
  • Dragi Domić 6th place
  • Andrija Marković 7th place
  • Bojana Šarović 8th place

The Grand Star was revealed on the 18. June at Belgrade Arena. Live broadcast of the concert was on RTV Pink. Stefan Petrušić won 214,000 SMS votes, while runner-up Ivana Pavkovic won 183,000 votes. Saša Popović stated in his show Narod Pita that Ivana would have won but more girls watch and they send votes for boys not girls. The winner will receive a luxury apartment in Belgrade, record albums and tour in Serbia and abroad. The second place winner will receive a new car and tour with the winner. Great spectacle which was prepared by grand productions, performances and special guests were: Milan Topalović, Darko Lazić, Dušan Svilar, Milica Todorović, Milan Dinčić, Branislav Mojićević, who marked in previous years the competition.

Zvezde Granda 2011-2012[edit]

Top 10

Darko Martinović Winner

Aleksa Radenković 2nd Place

Miroslav Radulović 4th Place

Nadica Ademov 5th Place

Vanja Mijatović 6th Place

Andreana Čekić 7th Place

Milica Pavlović 8th Place

Nikolina Kovač 9th Place

Slobodan Rakić 10th Place

Zvezde Granda 2012-2013[edit]

  • Amar Jašarspahić - Winner
  • Nemanja Anđelović - 2nd Place

Zvezde Granda 2013-2014[edit]

  • Mirza Selimović from Srebrenik - Winner
  • Miloš Vujanović - 2nd Place from Gornji Milanovac
  • Ajša Kapetanović from Sarajevo
  • Marko Gačić from Belgrade
  • Mustafa Omerika from Mostar
  • Predrag Bošnjak from Subotica
  • Ljubomir Perućica from Pozarevac


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