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Zvi Hauser
צבי האוזר - חוסן לישראל.jpg
Date of birth (1968-07-05) 5 July 1968 (age 51)
Place of birthRamat Gan, Israel
Knessets21, 22, 23
Faction represented in Knesset
2019–2020Blue and White
2020–Derekh Eretz

Zvi Hauser (Hebrew: צבי האוזר‎) is an Israeli lawyer and politician.


Zvi Hauser was born in Ramat Gan to Mordechai and Yehudit Hauser. He was raised in Ramat Gan. His military service was in the IDF's School of Leadership Development. Afterwards, he became a professional assistant to the Director-General of the Ministry of Labor and Welfare and assistant to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the government-owned company Amidar; a provider of subsidized and rent-controlled housing.

In 1992, he became the Spokesperson for the National Union of Israeli Students. The following year, he served as a Media Adviser to the Likud party and to the then-Chairman of the Opposition, Benjamin Netanyahu.

He graduated from Tel Aviv University's Faculty of Law in 1994, completed a legal internship at Pinchas Marinsky & Co. law firm, and became a member of the Israel Bar Association in 1996.[1]

Legal and political career[edit]

Hauser serves as special counsel at Goldfarb Seligman & Co. in Tel Aviv. He was Israel's 17th Cabinet Secretary between the years 2009–2013 and was appointed Chairman of the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council in 1997. In 2013, he began teaching at Hebrew University. Hauser is currently a member of Knesset with the Israel Resilience Party as part of the Blue and White slate.[2]

When Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu formed Israel's 27th government in 1996, Hauser was appointed Senior Professional Adviser to Minister of Communications, Limor Livnat. In this capacity, he served as the Coordinator of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Enhancing Competition in the Telecommunications Market, and as the Coordinator for the Ministry of Communications for Increasing Competition in the Broadcasting Market. He also was a member of the public committee for expanding broadcasting services in the state of Israel and served as a member of the Inter-Ministerial Committee for Regulating National Radio Broadcasting.

In 1997, Hauser was appointed as the Chairman of the Cable and Satellite Broadcasting Council and as the Chairman of the Administration for Regulating Broadcasts for the Public. In 1999 he was also appointed as the Chairman of the Israeli Rating Committee. Later on, in 2002, he served as a member of the Public Committee for Examining the Future of Israeli Educational Television.

From 2000 to 2009, Hauser worked in the private sector and became a law firm partner at Goldfarb, Levy & Co. (later 'Goldfarb Seligman & Co.'). He headed the firm's Communications and Media Department.

He was involved in the establishment of the 'Israel News' Company, which served as Channel 10's news company. From 2004 to 2009, he served as the director for the "Dori Media Group" (DMG), a traded company on the AIM London Stock Exchange. His public service included being a board member for several government owned companies including the Tel Aviv Port (Otzar Mif'aley Yam) and Mikve Israel. He was also a member of the Public Council for the Commemoration of Theodor Herzl and the Management Committee on the Council for Preserving Heritage Sites in Israel.

In February 2019, the Israel Resilience Party announced that Hauser was on its list of candidates for Knesset elections.[2]

Cabinet Secretary[edit]

In April 2009, upon the establishment of the Thirty-second government of Israel headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hauser was appointed as Israel's 17th Cabinet Secretary[3] and served in that position until 2013 under the Thirty-third government of Israel.

Besides the responsibility of setting the Cabinet's agenda and ministerial committee meetings as well as managing the inner workings of the Office, he simultaneously served as the Secretary of The Ministers Committee on Security Affairs ('The Political-Security Cabinet'). In this position, Hauser liaised between the cabinet and the Knesset (Israeli parliament), and between the cabinet and the President of Israel. He was also deputy to the Director General of the Office of the Prime Minister and served as the Cabinet's spokesperson.

Hauser co-Chaired Masa Israel Journey, an organization that brings young Jewish adults to Israel to strengthen their bond with Israel and the Jewish people. He served as a member for Western Wall Heritage Foundation, Independence Hall and initiated the Moreshet Program, a national program for preserving restoring national heritage sites.

He was succeeded by Avichai Mandelblit.[4]

Academic career[edit]

Besides being a senior fellow at Kohelet Policy Forum, Hauser, in 2013, joined the academic staff of Hebrew University's School of Public Policy and Government.

Public activism[edit]

Hauser currently serves also as the chairman of The Land of Israel's Museum (aka Eretz Israel Museum) in Tel Aviv and as a member of the International Executive Committee of The Albert Einstein Foundation;[5]

In 2014, Hauser became the Chairman of the Alumni Organization of Tel Aviv University's Faculty of Law.[6]

Hauser is Chairman of the Public Committee for Examining the Computerization of the Knesset Elections and the Local Municipalities' Elections; a member of the Committee for Examining the Special Agreements regarding the Western Wall which recommended the establishment of an egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall for the Conservative and Reform movements;[7] and a member of the Exceptions Committee regarding the Aliyah of members of the Falash Mura who remain in Ethiopia. He was also a member of the public committee which advised on the selection of twelve individuals who participated in Israel's 2014 Independence Day Ceremony.


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