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Zwedru is located in Liberia
Location in Liberia
Coordinates: 6°04′N 8°08′W / 6.067°N 8.133°W / 6.067; -8.133
CountryFlag of Liberia.svg Liberia
CountyGrand Gedeh County
DistrictTchien District
Population (2008)
 • Total23,903
Local football team in Zwedru.

Zwedru is the capital of Grand Gedeh County, one of the 15 counties in Liberia. Zwedru is located in Tchien District of Grand Gedeh County, near the Cavalla River in the country's south-eastern region and near the border with Côte d'Ivoire. It is located 350 miles southeast from the capital city of Monrovia. The town is a stronghold of the Krahn tribe.

The town gets its name after the head of a local anteater creek.[1] Zwedru is surrounded by a lot of forests, and lies in a tropical region. The north-western section of Zwedru has an important forest region with rare bird species.

Before the Liberian Civil War, Zwedru was known for timber production and its wood products industry. As of the 2008 census, Zwedru has a population of 23,903. Of this, 11,828 were male and 12,075 female.[2] Zwedru residents are mainly Krahn, Mandingo, Fulani and Gio and Mano tribes.


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Coordinates: 6°04′N 8°08′W / 6.067°N 8.133°W / 6.067; -8.133