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Origin Oslo, Norway
Genres IDM,
Electroacoustic music
Black metal
Experimental metal[1]
Years active 2003–present
Labels Jester Records
Associated acts Aphrodisiac
Pronounced "SEX"
Stagnant Waters
Members Svein Egil Hatlevik
Zweizz live 2007

Zweizz is the primary performing alias of Norwegian musician and composer Svein Egil Hatlevik (born May 27, 1977).

Hatlevik started using the Zweizz alias in 2003 after leaving the Norwegian black metal group Dødheimsgard. According to Hatlevik, Zweizz should be considered a one man band, not a solo project. Hatlevik defines the musical style of Zweizz as a mixture of IDM, noise, electroacoustic music and black metal.

Hatlevik also uses the pseudonym Zweizz in other bands which he is also a member of, such as Umoral and Pronounced "Sex". As a member of Dødheimsgard he used the aliases "Hologram" and "Magic/Logic".

The first Zweizz release was the 7" EP Black Necrotic Obfuscation, issued through Vendlus Records in 2004. On March 24, 2007 Zweizz released his debut album The Yawn of the New Age, also through Vendlus Records. Later the same year Epicene Sound Systems released an untitled Zweizz cassette EP in a limited quantity of 30 copies. Side B of this release is built entirely from recordings of the Soviet ANS synthesizer.[2]

In 2011, the Norwegian record company Jester Records released the album Zweizz & Joey Hopkins that Hatlevik had been making with the late US composer and musician Joey Hopkins before the death of the latter in 2008.

Hatlevik is also a founding member of the avant-garde metal group Fleurety.


As Zweizz[edit]

Split releases[edit]

Cooperation projects[edit]

Guest appearances[edit]


With Dødheimsgard[edit]

With Fleurety[edit]

With Pronounced "Sex"[edit]

  • XXX (Interregnum Records) – (2008)

With Stagnant Waters[edit]

  • Stagnant Waters (Adversum) – (2012)

With Succuba[edit]

  • Black Pizza (Handmade Records) - (2016)

With Umoral[edit]

  • Untitled (EP, Vendlus Records) – (2007)


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