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Zwiebelkuchen 1.JPG
Zwiebelkuchen in a sheet pan
Type Pie
Place of origin France
Main ingredients Yeast or leavened dough, onions, bacon, cream, caraway seeds
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Zwiebelkuchen, which literally means onion cake in the German language, is a one-crust savory cake made of steamed onions, diced bacon, cream, and caraway seeds on either a yeast dough or a leavened dough.[1] It is particularly popular in the German wine-growing regions mostly of Rhenish Hesse, the Palatinate, Franconia, Baden and Swabia (a similar pie called Flammkuchen is also eaten in Alsace), or a quiche variant in Switzerland, traditionally eaten in Basel during the Carnival and in Bern for the Zibelemärit.

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