Zyber Hallulli

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Zyber Hallulli
"Streha Vorfnore"- first Albanian orphanage 1921.jpg
"Streha Vorfnore", August 1921. Zyber Hallulli, 6th from left to right seated in middle row.
Born 1842
Tirana, Ottoman Empire
Died 1927
Tirana, Albania
Nationality Albanian
Citizenship Ottoman, Albanian
Known for "Streha Vorfnore" Public Orphanage
Mayor of Tirana (1913-1914)

Zyber Hallulli was an Albanian politician and mayor of Tirana from 1913 through 1914.[1] He was co-initiator for establishing the first public orphanage in Albania.


Hallulli was born in Tirana, Ottoman Empire, in 1842. He took the first studies in his home town, finishing the "Ruzhdie" high school. After that he went to Istambul where he graduated in philosophy and theology.[2] Together with Rauf Fico, Mytesim Këlliçi, Luigj Shala and Xhelal Toptani he co-founded Streha Vorfnore, the Albania's first public orphanage, on November 28, 1917, the date of the fifth anniversary of the Albanian Declaration of Independence.[3] The initiators involved a commission of benefactors from the rich families and merchants of the town.
The orphanage is still the main one in Albania and is named after him: Shtëpia e Fëmijëve "Zyber Hallulli" (English: Children House "Zyber Hallulli").[4]

Hallulli supported the Albanian Declaration of Independence, the government and outcome of the Congress of Lushnje, and the June Revolution.[2]

He died in 1927.[5]


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