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Temporal range: Middle Permian
Life restoration of Zygosaurus
Scientific classification e
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Order: Temnospondyli
Family: Dissorophidae
Clade: Eucacopinae
Genus: Zygosaurus
Eichwald, 1848
Type species
Zygosaurus lucius
Eichwald, 1848

Zygosaurus is an extinct genus of dissorophid temnospondyl from the Middle-Late Permian of Russia. It was described in 1848 by Eduard Eichwald, making it the first dissorophid to be described and is known from a single species, Zygosaurus lucius[1]. The location of the holotype, and only known specimen, is unknown[2], and although casts are reposited in several institutions, little is known about this taxon beyond qualitative aspects of the skull (e.g., preorbital length twice as long as postorbital length; skull width greatest at mid-length of orbits)[3]. The skull was estimated to be around 20 cm in length, making it one of the largest dissorophids, being only slightly smaller than Kamacops[2].


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