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IndustryConsumer products
FounderKarl Zysset (1907-1998)
Area served
ProductsKitchen Products and Gadgets, Knives and Cutlery, Food Choppers, Graters, Slicers

Zyliss is a Swiss manufacturer of kitchen utensils. Originally a private company, Zyliss is now a brand owned by DKSH, a Swiss holding company.[1][2]


Zyliss was founded by trained bicycle mechanic, Karl Zysset (1907-1998) in 1951.[3] The names Zyliss is based on a combination of the founder's surname and the town of Lyss, Switzerland where the first factory was established.

The company launched its first product, the onion chopper, with the slogan "Zig-Zig Zyliss".[4]

In 1982 the company was sold to two investors who in turn sold the operation in 1985 to the Diethelm Keller Holding Group, now DKSH.[3]

In 2001, Zyliss partnered with the design firm, IDEO to develop a series of kitchen products that have gone on to see worldwide success.[5]

In the year 2003 the company reduced its number of employees from 105 to 80 and the company's management announced that the production site of Zyliss would be relocated. After a protest in Switzerland[6] the move was cancelled.[7][8] Thirty staff of the fifty in the Swiss team moved to China during the mid-2000s.[8][9] The headquarters were also moved to Zurich in December 2005.[10]

In 2006, the company, Zyliss AG, was delisted and was consolidated into DKSH. Today, Zyliss is operated by DKB Household Switzerland AG, the household utensil subsidiary of DKSH.[11] This subsidiary currently has 120 employees and in addition to Zyliss they also operate the brand Cole & Mason (salt & pepper grinders and herb and spice tools) and the appliance brands Koenig and Turmix.


Three notable inventions have been developed by Zyliss including the “Susi” garlic press,[12] the salad spinner, and an onion chopper.[13][14] The Susi garlic press has an accompanying tool cleaner, and has been produced since the mid-20th century.[15] The company also began creating the Zyliss vise (a home improvement tool) in the 1970s[16] and has sold a slicing mandoline.[17] The company has worked with IDEO on projects including the salad spinner, specifically on the aesthetic and visual components.[18]


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