Zzyzx (album)

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Studio album by Zeromancer
Released September 1, 2003
Genre Industrial rock
Label Cleopatra
Warner Music Group
Zeromancer chronology
Famous Last Words (Zeromancer single)
(2003)Famous Last Words (Zeromancer single)2003
Doppelganger I Love You (single)
(2007)Doppelganger I Love You (single)2007

Zzyzx is the third studio album of the Norwegian industrial rock band Zeromancer. The album takes its title from the name of a road leading to, and named for, Zzyzx, California.

This album saw Zeromancer approaching a more lighter sound with a more much mainstream direction yet with much more meaningful lyrics. The album spawned two singles, "Erotic Saints" followed by "Famous Last Words".

This was also their only album released through the Warner Music Group.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Teenage Recoil"
  2. "Hollywood"
  3. "Famous Last Words"
  4. "Erotic Saints"
  5. "Idiot Music"
  6. "Stop the Noise!"
  7. "Feed You with a Kiss"
  8. "Lamp Halo"
  9. "Mosquito Coil"
  10. "Blood Music"
  11. "New Madonna" (Bonus Track)
  12. "Gone to Your Head" (Bonus Track)
  13. "Fractured" (Bonus Track)

There are several different versions of this album all with different songs at the end. This is track listing for 2004 Cleopatra Records version. All songs by Keller, Ljung, and Schröder. The last two songs are special tracks.

Band personnel[edit]