Le Chaos

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Le Chaos
هى فوضى
Directed by Youssef Chahine
Khaled Youssef
Produced by Misr International, 3 B Productions
Written by Nasser Abdel-Rahmane
Screenplay by Nasser Abdel Rahman
Starring Khaled Saleh
Menna Shalabi
Youssef El Sherif
Hala Sedki
Hala Fakher
Music by Yasser Abdel Rahman
Cinematography Ramsis Marzouk
Edited by Ghada Ezzedine
Distributed by 3B Productions
MISR International Films
Release date
  • November 26, 2007 (2007-11-26)
Running time
124 minutes
Country Egypt
Language Egyptian Arabic

Le Chaos (also known as English: This Is Chaos, Arabic: هي فوضىHeya Fawda) is the final film from the Egyptian director Youssef Chahine.


Hatem, a shady police officer, handles it with an iron hand. Every single citizen fears and hates him. Only Nour, a young woman he lusts after, dares stand up to him. But Nour is secretly in love with Cherif. Green with envy, Hatem tries to come between them. He wants Nour for himself and he rapes her and after she exposed him, the neighborhood mobilizes in a popular riot and occupies the police station, the film ends with Hatim shooting himself in the angry crowd.


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