Micronet co., Ltd.

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Micronet co., Ltd.
Industry Video game industry
Software industry
Founded October, 1982

Hokkaido, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
(U.S. operations in San Francisco, California)

Makati City, Philippines
Key people
Akihiko Murakami, President
Website Micronet

Micronet co. Ltd. is a software development company with its head office set in Hokkaido Sapporo, Japan. Previously specializing in 2D and 3D video games, the company has since focused on graphical website production as well as founding the 3D CG Soft System, 3D Atelier.


First established on October 1982, opening at sixty-four million yen, the company first got involved in the PC gaming industry developing a variety of games including Platformers, Wrestling, Board and Mahjong games for the MSX and FM7. They made their first start to making games for home consoles as well as establishing American game distributions with the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis from 1989 to 1992. Micronet developed games for Sega consoles as well as one or two Arcade, Super Famicom and PlayStation games (mostly for Japan). Some of their games were notable for being hybrid games, a combination of two different game genres such as Helicoid and Heavy Nova.

However, after the discontinuation of the Dreamcast, Micronet stopped game development and focused entirely on 3D graphic development instead. Their current focus is on developing 3D software, namely the computer design tool 3D Atelier.


Micronet has established two subsidiaries outside Japan. The first is Micronet Software Manila, established in April 1992 in Makati City, Philippines. Much like the main company, Micronet Software Manila focused on game software development, but moved on to the development of computer multimedia and IT contents. 3 of the 5 pioneer members to start the Manila office as game programmers utilizing Motorola 68000 assembly language were Antonio Quing Perez, Ma. Renee Pangan, and Bong Encarnacion.

The second subsidiary is Bignet USA Inc, San Francisco, California, July 1990. Bignet acted as Micronet’s US distributor of video games from 1991 to 1993.


Helicoid, 1985

Robo Wrestle 2001-Toshi (sometimes Robo Wres 2001), 1987

Gaban, 1988

Mahjong Gibai Special, 1988

Gokudou Jintori, 1989

Outlaw Suikoden, 1989

Tanba, 1989

Curse, 1989

Mahjong Jidai Special Part II, 1990

Junction, 1990

Warrior of Rome, 1991

Heavy Nova, 1991/92

Warrior of Rome II, 1992

Black Hole Assault, 1992

The Third World War, 1993

A/X-101, 1994

Revengers of Vengeance/Battle Fantasy, 1994

Deadalus/Robotica: The Cybernetic Revolution, 1995

Gotha: Ishmalia War, 1995

Gotha II / Heir of Zendor, 1996

EOS: Edge of Skyhigh, 1997

Gotha World, 1997

Virtual Mahjong, 1998

Virtual Mahjong II, 1998

Marionette Handler, 2000

Marionette Handler 2, 2000


Flicky, 1986

Raiden Trad, 1993

Riddick Bowe Boxing, 1993

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