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Sigrid Holmquist

Sigrid Holmquist (21 February 1899 in Borås – 9 July 1970 in Sydney, Australia) was also known as Sie Holmquist or Bie Holmquist.[1] She was a Swedish actress during the silent film era. After three films in Sweden, she went to pursue a career in Hollywood where she appeared in 13 films between 1921 and 1925 before retiring from the screen.


Year Title Role Notes
1921 Just Around the Corner Essie Birdsong
1922 The Prophet's Paradise Mary Talbot
1922 My Old Kentucky Home Virginia Sanders
1923 A Gentleman of Leisure Molly Creedon
1923 Hollywood Herself
1923 The Light That Failed Maisie Wells
1924 Youth for Sale Connie Sutton
1924 The Age of Innocence
1924 Meddling Women Grace Ainsworth
1924 Two Shall Be Born Janet Van Wyck
1925 The Early Bird Jean Blair
1925 School for Wives Betty Lynch
1925 The Crackerjack Rose Bannon
1926 The Men Women Love Madame Nola


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