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Augustine College
Credo ut intelligam
Motto in English
"I believe so that I may understand"
Religious affiliation
Non-denominational Christian
PresidentDr. John Patrick
DeanAndrew Bennett
Academic staff
Administrative staff
Students10 to 22
163 Fifth Avenue
, ,
K1S 2M8

Augustine College is an unaccredited, private, Christian liberal arts college in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Since 2014, when the college surrendered its corporate charter for financial reasons, it operates on an unincorporated basis.[1]


All students are enrolled for eight months in the eight full-credit courses offered plus the Book of the Semester reading group. The program consists of two one semester Great Books program considering the transformation of Art, Literature, Music, Philosophy, and Science over the entire course of Western history. The annual summer conference series continues with Augustine's Impact on Christian civilization.

The college is unaccredited and course credits are not recognized by most other universities. The program is viewed by some students as a preparatory year between high school and university devoted to the study and understanding of western civilization from a Christian perspective.[1]

In 2014, tuition was $13,500 a year and covered courses, residency and two meals a week.[2]


The faculty is composed of Christian academics from a variety of denominational backgrounds, some of whom teach gratis, others teaching for a modest stipend, keeping the overall cost of the program down.


Out-of-town students are expected to live in residence space at the college with the support of a designated resident advisor, and additional rental accommodation in the area. The residences are not co-ed. Students are responsible for their own cooking in a fully equipped kitchen.


The college operates out of a classroom located in the Ecclesiax Church in Ottawa's Glebe district.[1]

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