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Irene Koumarianou (1930/1931 – 25 January 2013) was a Greek actress whose career began in 1951.


Koumarianou was born in Athens, Greece. She studied at the Greek Conservatory and starred in several plays, mainly at the National Theatre, which included several ancient tragedies, mainly by Epidaurus.[1] She co-starred, with Alice Vougiouklaki, Jenny Karezi, Rena Vlachopoulou and others, during her career. Her film credits included History of Life, Girls on kissing (1965), Tears for Electra (1966), Too late for tears, Captain jack baton (1968), The fairy and the lad (1969), The aristocrat and the Tramp, I pity the stature (1970), The rascal, The efoplistina (1971), Mary of Silence, The constellation of the virgin (1973).[citation needed]

On television she appeared in series such as Anastasia (1994), The Prince (1996), "Betrayal" (1996), San sister (ET1 – 1998), Alma libre "(2001) and I love-I love and in 2004 had a small role in George Savvatogennimenes Kapoutzidis. the big success came in 2006 with the series "Sto Para Pente".

Koumarianou died on 25 January 2013, aged 82, from heart disease.



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