St. Martha, Nuremberg

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St Martha's Church, Nuremberg

St. Martha is a medieval church of the former free imperial city of Nuremberg in southern Germany. It is dedicated to Saint Martha. Since 1800 it is a Reformed church, the community of which forms part of the Evangelical Reformed Church (regional church).


Medieval windows in the chancel
Construction site at the ruins of St. Martha next to the crane

Conrad and John of Waldstomer donated the church and the associated hospital in 1363. The church was consecrated on 24 March 1385. From 1390 to 1430, wealthy Nuremberg families donated a series of stained-glass windows to the chancel of the church.

As a result of the Reformation the church closed in 1526. It was then used as a theatre by the Nuremberg Meistersingers. In 1614, plays were forbidden in churches, and by 1627 it was restored to use as a church.

The church was only lightly damaged during the Second World War, when a bomb hit the roof and chancel arch and by 1946 was back in use. On 5 June 2014, the church was greatly damaged in a fire,[1] and is being rebuilt.

Fortunately, the medieval church windows had been removed to storage for renovation work, and should be re-inserted when the church is restored.

Coordinates: 49°26′54.57″N 11°04′51.44″E / 49.4484917°N 11.0809556°E / 49.4484917; 11.0809556