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Braeburn Capital Inc.
Industry Asset management
Investment management
Founded October 3, 2005; 11 years ago (2005-10-03) in Reno, Nevada, United States[1]
Headquarters Reno, Nevada, United States
AUM US$220 billion (2016)
Parent Apple Inc.

Braeburn Capital Inc. is an asset management company based in Reno, Nevada and a subsidiary of Apple Inc. Its offices are located at 6900 S. McCarran Boulevard in Reno.[2][3]


Apple created the company on October 3, 2005[1] to better manage its assets and to avoid certain California state taxes and taxes from other US States totaling in millions of dollars.[4]


Apple's cash, ST and LT investments
Year Value (billion USD)
2005 8.3
2006 10.1
2007 18.45
2008 24.49
2009 33.992
2010 n/a
2011 25.95
2012 29.1
2013 n/a
2014 n/a
2015 205
2016 220

At the end of 2005, 2006, 2007, and 2008, Apple's cash and short-term investments were valued at US$8.3 billion,[5] US$10.1 billion,[5] US$18.45 billion,[6] and US$24.490 billion,[7] respectively. As of September 26, 2009, its cash holdings were reported to be US$33.992 billion, increasing to $97 billion at the end of 2011.[8] In October 2012, CNET reported that Braeburn had US$117.2 billion under management, making it "the world's biggest hedge fund." [9]

In 2012, Wall Street analysts calculated that Apple could earn up to $45.6 billion in its current fiscal year 2012, a record for any American business. By national and international diversions of revenues and many other legal methods, Apple stands to save billions of dollars in taxes.[4]


The name Braeburn refers to a particular cultivar of apple. This is a play on the name of the parent company Apple Inc.[10]


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