Struggle in the Pier

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Sira` Fi al-Mina
صراع في الميناء
Sira` Fi al-Mina poster
Directed by Youssef Chahine
Produced by Gabriel Telhamy
Written by Youssef Chahine
El Sayed Bedeir
Starring Faten Hamama
Omar Sharif
Ahmed Ramzy
Release date
Country Egypt
Language Arabic

Sira` Fi al-Mina About this sound listen  (Arabic: صراع في الميناء‎, English: Struggle in the Pier, but also titled Obscure Waters in later releases, French: Les Eaux Noirs) is a 1956 Egyptian romance/crime/drama film directed by the acclaimed Egyptian film director Youssef Chahine. It starred Omar Sharif, Ahmed Ramzy, and Faten Hamama.


The film takes place in a port in Alexandria and focuses on the lives of some sailors. Hamidah (Faten Hamama) works in a ship and plans to marry her cousin, Ragab (Omar Sharif), but Ragab is forced to leave for a long period. While he was away, Hamidah falls in love with Mamdouh, a wealthy man. Ragab returns three years later to find her in a relationship with someone else. He fights for her and wins her back again and marries her.

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