Carol I National College

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Carol I National College
Carol 6.jpg
Craiova, Romania
Type public
Established 1826
Headmaster Alexandrina Thorwächter
Enrollment 1800
Campus Urban

The Carol I National College (Romanian: Colegiul Național Carol I din Craiova) is a high school located in central Craiova, Romania, on Ioan Maiorescu Street. It is one of the most prestigious secondary education institutions in Romania. Between 1947 and 1969 it operated under a different name.[1][2]


The Central High School was officially established on 20 May 1826, although it was actually built 7 years later in 1833. After suffering heavy damage from the earthquake of 11 January 1838, the school was rebuilt in November 1842 and it had some 400 students.

Craiova's Central High School was renamed "Carol I Liceum" on 11 November 1885 by a Royal decree of King Carol I.[3]

It was re-built a second time after the 1977 earthquake that demolished a major part of its buildings.


The following is a short list of the most notable alumni of the Carol I National College.[4][5][6]


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