Tokyo Shock Boys

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Tokyo Shock Boys
StarringTorata Nanbu
Danna Koyanagi
Running time23–30 Minutes
Original networkDengeki Network
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The Tokyo Shock Boys (東京ショックボーイズ, Tōkyō Shokku Bōizu), or Dengeki Network (電撃ネットワーク, Dengeki Nettowāku), is a Japanese group of four men who perform dangerous and crude stunts.

The group was formed in Tokyo in 1990. The Tokyo Shock Boys have a huge cult following in Japan and have appeared in many other countries, such as Australia, Canada, Germany and Scotland.

In 2006, they made appearances in Japanorama, Adam & Joe go Tokyo and the Dirty Sanchez movie. However, their shows are viewed as having more 'magic' stunts rather than painful ones. This was proven in Dirty Sanchez: The Movie as the Tokyo Shock Boys refused to do a show with Dirty Sanchez because they viewed their stunts to be too extreme.

The members of the group are:

  • Torata Nanbu (南部虎弾, Nanbu Torata, also written as Torata Nambu)
  • Sangojyugo (三五十五, Sangojyugo)
  • Gyuzo (ギュウゾウ, Gyūzō)
  • Danna Koyanagi (ダンナ小柳)

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