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Yu Nakajima (中島 悠, born February 15, 1991 in Ebetsu, Hokkaidō) is a Japanese Rubik's Cube solver.[1]

Yu held the former world record for Rubik's Cube average (11.28 seconds) and single (8.72 seconds).[2] He beat the previous world record holder Edouard Chambon, who had a single solve record of 9.18 seconds.[3] Both records were set on May 5, 2008, at the Kashiwa Open 2008. On May 23, 2008 Yu posted a video on YouTube where he completed the cube in 6.57 seconds.[4] He also solved the Rubik's magic in 1.05 seconds. He set the World Record for the 5x5x5 cube at 54.86 seconds in April 2012.


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