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Wan Abdul Kadir Che Man (Thai: วันอับดุลกาเดร์ เจ๊ะมัน; RTGSWan-apdunkade Che-man; born 1946) is a Thai-Malay scholar and separatist politician. He was[when?] the president of Bersatu, a former umbrella group of separatists in south Thailand.[1][2] He lives in exile in Malaysia.[3]

During the 1990s, he was a lecturer in the department of history, University of Brunei Darussalam,[4] and later an associate professor at the International Islamic University Malaysia.

Selected works[edit]

  • Muslim Elites and Politics in Southern Thailand. Universiti Sains Malaysia. 1983.
  • Muslim Separatism: The Moros of Southern Philippines and the Malays of Southern Thailand. Oxford University Press. 1990.
  • "The Thai Government and Islamic Institutions in the Four Southern Muslim Provinces of Thailand". Sojourn. 5 (2): 255–282. 1990.
  • National Integration and Resistance Movement: The Case of Muslims in Southern Thailand In: Volker Grabowsky (ed.), Regions and National Integration in Thailand, 1892-1992 Harrassowitz Verlag. 1995, pp. 232-250.


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