Johann Sturm

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Johann Sturm
Johann Christoph Sturm.jpg
Born(1635-11-03)3 November 1635
Died26 December 1703(1703-12-26) (aged 68)
Not to be confused with Johannes Sturm (1507-1589), German-French educator

Johann Christoph Sturm (3 November 1635 – 26 December 1703) was a German philosopher.

Sturm is the author of Physica Electiva (1697), a book that criticized Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz and prompted him to publish a rebuke. Sturm's critique was aimed at Leibniz's view that Nature and/or its constituent parts possess some creative force of their own. This criticism was partly theological, in that Sturm claimed Leibniz's view of Nature undermined the sovereignty of the Christian God.[1]

Works by Sturm[edit]

  • Collegium experimentale, Nuremberg: Endter, vol. 1 (1676), available here and here; vol. 2 (1685) available here, here, and here.
  • Physica electiva sive hypothetica, vol 1, Nuremberg: Endter, 1697, available here and here; vol.2, Altdorf: Kohles, 1698.
  • A list of works by Sturm with links to online versions is available at Astronomie in Nürnberg, section "Ausgewählte Werke".

Studies on Sturm[edit]

Illustratiom from Excerpta ex literis... published in Acta Eruditorum, 1690


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