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Halvard Grude Forfang (24 December 1914 – 6 July 1987) was a Norwegian educator.


He was born in Bærum as a son of chemical engineer Einar Forfang (1881–1950) and Agnes Grude (1885–1958). He was a nephew of Karen Grude Koht. His home environment was marked by the norskdom movement; his family was a member of Noregs Mållag.[1]

He finished his secondary education at Stabekk Municipal Higher Education School in 1934, and took the cand.philol. degree at the University of Oslo in 1941. He worked as a teacher in Hartmann's boarding school in Asker and Lillehammer Municipal Higher Education School.[1]

Later he started to work in the Nansen Academy from 1946 to 1971.[2] He was responsible with rebuilding the school, which was closed during the German occupation of Norway. After stepping down as rector he continued as a teacher, finally retiring in 1981.[1]

His books include a two-volumes history on the Nansen Academy, released in 1977 and 1982, and a 1945 biography about Ivar Kleiven,[3] which was originally his master's thesis.[1] He died in July 1987 in Lillehammer.[1]


  • Ivar Kleiven 1854-1934 , 1945
  • In the spirit of Nansen , in The Norseman No. 4/1963
  • Nansen School 1936-1940. Two friends' dream and deed , 1977
  • Nansen School 1946-1971 , 1982
  • Voltaire in Vågå , 1982
  • Paul Botten Hansen and the Dutch circle. Literated and book collector in a national cave. A left manuscript , Lillehammer 1990[4]


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