Narayan Rao Pawar

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Narayan Rao Pawar aka Telangana Bagath Singh
Personal details
Andhra Pradesh
Died12 December 2010 (aged 85)

Narayan Rao Pawar (1925 – 12 December 2010) was an Indian independence activist and member of Arya Samaj. He became popular after plotting to kill the Last Nizam of Hyderabad, Mir Osman Ali Khan.[1][2]


Narayan Rao Pawar along with two others (jagadish Arya and Gandaiah Arya), threw a bomb at the Last Nizam on 4 December 1947 near his King Kothi Palace. The sessions court awarded him the death sentence and life sentence to Jagdish arya.

However, after the Police action on 17 September 1948 his death sentence is made to life sentence.

Swami Ramananda teertha acting as mediator asked Narayay Pawar to write " Maafinama" to Governor. But Pawar was adamant, refused to do so.

Finally after serving 21-month jail time, he was released in 10 Aug 1949.

He died on 12 December 2010

He was a follower of Raavi Narayan Reddy, the doyen of the Hyderabad Armed Struggle.[3]


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