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Dunaújvárosi Kohász KA
Dunaújvárosi Kohász KA logo.png
Full nameDunaújvárosi Kohász Kézilabda Akadémia
Nickname(s)Újváros, Kohász
Short nameDKKA
Founded2011; 9 years ago (2011)
ArenaDunaújvárosi Sportcsarnok, Dunaújváros
PresidentEszter Mátéfi
Head coachLászló György
LeagueNemzeti Bajnokság I
2018–19Nemzeti Bajnokság I, 9th
Club colours              
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Dunaújvárosi Kohász KA or DKKA (in English: Dunaújvárosi Kohász Handball Academy), formerly known as Dunaferr, is a Hungarian women's handball club from Dunaújváros, that plays in the Nemzeti Bajnokság I.



The team enjoyed their best spell between the mid-1990s and the mid-2000s, during which period they won five Hungarian championship and five Hungarian Cup titles, and set a unique record of winning all three major continental competitions. Kohász, as the fans call the club, first won the EHF Cup Winners' Cup in 1995 and captured the EHF Cup title three years later.

In 1999 they lifted the EHF Champions League trophy as well, after beating Slovenian side Krim Ljubljana in the finals. Dunaferr, playing in front of their fanatic fans, have secured a two goal advantage for the rematch, which ended in a 26–26 draw, and that was just enough for the Hungarians to celebrate a famous success.[1] To make the silverware collection complete, they also took the EHF Champions Trophy in that year.

Dunaújvárosi Kohász KA[edit]

Following the decision of the Dunaújváros City Council on 28 October 2010, Bojana Radulovics has been named to manage the women's section of the newly forming handball academy, which is set to open in September 2011 and will run in co-operation with the College of Dunaújváros. The Academy is operated by Dunaújvárosi Főiskola – Dunaújvárosi Kézilabda Akadémia Nonprofit Kft. (DF-DKA). In the autumn of 2011 Eszter Mátéfi joined the staff. Dunaferr NKSE could not undertake the operation of the NB I adult team longer, so it was a real danger that professional handball in Dunaújváros would totally disappear. The DF-DKA announced that it will take over the senior team and enter it in the NB I/B championship. The Hungarian Handball Federation did not support this, but the club has offered the 12th place in the first division. The team started the 2012/2013 season as Dunaújvárosi Kohász Kézilabda Akadémia.

Crest, colours, supporters[edit]

Naming history[edit]

  • 1979–1989: Dunaújvárosi Kohász SE
  • 1989–2004: Dunaferr SE
  • 2004–2009: Dunaferr NK
  • 2009–2010: Dunaújvárosi NKKSE
  • 2010–2012: Dunaújvárosi Regale Klíma
  • 2012–present: Dunaújvárosi Kohász Kézilabda Akadémia

Kit manufacturers and Shirt sponsor[edit]

The following table shows in detail Dunaújváros kit manufacturers and shirt sponsors by year:

Period Kit manufacturer Shirt sponsor
2004–2005 Nike Dunaferr / Astra Zeneca / Westel / Wu2
2005–2006 Hummel Dunaferr / Astra Zeneca / T-Mobile / Elco Group
2006–2007 Dunaferr / Astra Zeneca / T-Mobile
2007–2008 Dunaferr / Astra Zeneca / Raiffeisen Bank
2008–2009 Dunaferr / Astra Zeneca
2009–2010 Erima Dunafin / Dunaújvárosi Vagyonkezelő Zrt. / Duna Mount 2003 Kft.
2010–2011 Dunafin / Dunaújvárosi Vagyonkezelő Zrt. / Hamburger Hungária Kft.
2011–2012 Dunafin / Dunaújvárosi Vagyonkezelő Zrt.
2012–2013 Dunaferr / Dunaújvárosi Főiskola
2013–2014 Hummel -
2014–2015 Vertikál Zrt.
2015–2016 Szerencsejáték Zrt. / Vertikál Zrt. / S-Group Zrt. / Fritz Borház
2016– Szerencsejáték Zrt. / Bige Holding Csoport / Vertikál Zrt. / Fritz Borház

Supporters and rivalries[edit]

The supporters of the club are based in Dunaújváros, in western part and capital of Fejér County, Hungary.

Dunaújvárosi Kohász KA's rival is the neighbouring club Fehérvár KC and games between the clubs are considered as the "Fejér megyei derbi".


Domestic competitions[edit]

Nemzeti Bajnokság I (National Championship of Hungary)

  • Gold medal blank.svg Champions (5): 1997–98, 1998–99, 2000–01, 2002–03, 2003–04
  • Silver medal blank.svg Runners-up (4): 1996–97, 2001–02, 2004–05, 2007–08
  • Bronze medal blank.svg Third place (4): 1995–96, 1999–00, 2005–06, 2006–07

Magyar Kupa (National Cup of Hungary)

  • Gold medal with cup.svg Winners (5): 1997–98, 1998–99, 1999–00, 2001–02, 2003–04
  • Silver medal with cup.svg Finalists (4): 1993–94, 2002–03, 2004–05, 2007–08

European competitions[edit]

EHF Champions League:

  • Winners: 1999
  • Semifinalists: 2004, 2005

EHF Cup Winners' Cup:

  • Winners: 1995


  • Winners: 1998, 2016
  • Finalists: 2003
  • Semifinalists: 2008

EHF Champions Trophy:

  • Winners: 1999
  • Third Placed: 1998
  • Fourth Placed: 1995


  • Name: Dunaújvárosi Sportcsarnok
  • City: Dunaújváros, Hungary
  • Capacity: 1,200 spectators
  • Address: H-2400 Dunaújváros, Eszperantó út 2-4.


Current squad[edit]

Squad for the 2019–20 season[2]


Transfers for the 2020-21 season

Recent seasons[edit]

As of 22 May 2019.
Season Division Pos. Magyar kupa
1993-94 NB I 4th Silver medal with cup.svg Finalist
1994-95 NB I 4th Semi-finals
1995-96 NB I Third place Semi-finals
1996-97 NB I Runner-up Semi-finals
1997-98 NB I Champion Gold medal with cup.svg Winner
1998-99 NB I Champion Gold medal with cup.svg Winner
1999-00 NB I Third place Gold medal with cup.svg Winner
2000-01 NB I Champion Semi-finals
2001-02 NB I Runner-up Gold medal with cup.svg Winner
2002-03 NB I Champion Silver medal with cup.svg Finalist
Season Division Pos. Magyar kupa
2003-04 NB I Champion Gold medal with cup.svg Winner
2004-05 NB I Runner-up Silver medal with cup.svg Finalist
2005-06 NB I Third place Quarter-finals
2006-07 NB I Third place Semi-finals
2007-08 NB I Runner-up Silver medal with cup.svg Finalist
2008-09 NB I 8th Round 4
2009-10 NB I 6th Quarter-finals
2010-11 NB I 7th Quarter-finals
2011-12 NB I 10th Round 4
2012-13 NB I 8th Round 4
Season Division Pos. Magyar kupa
2013-14 NB I 4th Quarter-finals
2014-15 NB I 4th Quarter-finals
2015-16 NB I 5th Round 4
2016-17 NB I 4th Fourth place
2017-18 NB I 4th Round 4
2018-19 NB I 9th Fourth place

In European competition[edit]

Season Competition Round Club Home Away Aggregate
2018-19 EHF Cup Qual. Round 2 Switzerland Spono Eagles 43–14 35–21 78–35
Qual. Round 3 Spain Bera Bera 18–26 23–22 41–48

Notable former players[edit]


Dunaújvárosi Kohász KA II[edit]

Dunaújvárosi Kohász KA II is the junior team of Dunaújvárosi Kohász KA women's handball club. They compete in the Nemzeti Bajnokság I/B, the second-tier league in Hungary. Although they play in the same league system as their senior team, rather than a separate league, they are ineligible for promotion to the Nemzeti Bajnokság I, since junior teams cannot play in the same division as their senior side.


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