Thomas William Marley

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Marton Grove, Abbey Rd, Darlington (1906)
Thomas William Marley and his wife Alice moved into this house in 1903 or 1904

Thomas William Marley (13 May 1850 – 14 July 1923), chairman and managing director of the North Brancepeth Coal Co. Ltd.,[1] a noted amateur genealogist, and author of a 1919 monograph "The question of the Nationalisation of the Mines". Thomas was the second son of a family of 2 boys and 6 girls of Thomas Marley and Jane Margaret Rayne.[2] He was the nephew of the mining engineer John Marley. Many of his genealogy papers and notebooks are stored by the Northumberland Archives.[3]


George (b. 1 April 1842)
Sarah Mary (b. 14 June 1844)
Frances Ann (b. 17 July 1846)
Elizabeth Jane (b. 10 November 1848)
Thomas William (b. 13 May 1850)
Margaret Ellen (b. 6 August 1852)
Katherine Jane (b. 12 May 1854)
Edith Marion (b. 28 March 1856)


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