Betty Baxter Anderson

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Betty Baxter Anderson
BornMarch 10, 1908 (1908-03-10)
Cornell, Iowa
DiedJune 17, 1966 (1966-06-18) (aged 58)
Escondido, California

Betty Baxter Anderson (March 10, 1908 – June 17, 1966) was an American author.


In the late 1930s Mrs. Anderson wrote a series of articles for the Iowa City Press-Citizen newspaper entitled; "Talking About Books." She was the author[1][2] of 20 books for teenage girls, most of which were part of her career series. Her books were unusual for the time because she put the lead female characters in traditionally male type roles.[3]


(Under the name Alice Anson)

  • "The Dormitory Mystery" (1937)
  • "Escape By Night" (1941)

(Under the name Betty Baxter)

  • "Becky Brian's Secret" (1937)
  • "Daughter of the Coast Guard," (1938)
  • "The Unseen Enemy." (1938)

(Under the name Betty Baxter Anderson)

  • "Adventures in 4-H" (1938)[4]
  • "Peggy Wayne, sky girl; A Career Story for Older Girls," (1941)
  • "Connie Benton, reporter; A Career Story for Older Girls," (1941)
  • "Nancy Blake Copywriter; A Career Story for Older Girls," (1942)
  • "Ann Porter Nurse; A Career Story for Older Girls" (1942)
  • "Julia Brent of the WAAC; A Career Story for Older Children" (1943)
  • "Four Girls and a Radio; A Career Story for Older Girls" (1944)[5]
  • "Holly Saunders Designer; A Career Story for Older Girls" (1947)
  • "Secret of the old books" (1952)[6]
  • "Curtain call for Connie" (1953)[7]
  • "Alabama Raider" (1959)
  • "One hour to victory" (1960)
  • "Powder monkey" (1962)[8][9]


A graduate of Iowa City High School and the University of Iowa, she also attained a Master of Arts from the San Diego College for Women, where she also taught creative writing.[10]

Early life & family[edit]

Betty Baxter was the daughter of Phillip H and Anna Margaret (Bailey) Baxter. She was married to Dr. Ernest William Anderson on May 18, 1931 and together they had two children; Anthony Baxter and Kay C.[11]


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