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Oracle Text is search engine and text analysis software developed and sold by Oracle Corporation. It is proprietary software, sold as part of Oracle Database, a proprietary relational database management system.

When integrated with a text storage system, it can analyze text and provide text-filtering and text-reduction for speed-reading and summary-viewing. It can return grammatical assessments of the text it processes, checking for grammatical errors and rating the quality and style of the writing.


Oracle Corporation introduced Oracle ConText first as a software option, then as an Oracle data cartridge (a server-based software module) for text retrieval when it released version 8 of the Oracle database in 1997. It used the default schema CTXSYS and the default tablespace DRSYS.

With the appearance of version 8i of the Oracle database in 1999, a re-designed ConText became Oracle interMedia Text — part of the separately-priced Oracle interMedia bundle of products.

With the release of version 9i of the database in 2001 Oracle Corporation renamed the software as Oracle Text and again marketed it as a standalone subsystem, integrated with and included in the cost of the database software.

Oracle Corporation continues to support Oracle Text as of Oracle Database release 12[1] (2013).


Oracle Text uses the ctx library.[2]

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