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Dalmacio Negro Pavón (born December 23, 1931 in Madrid) is a Spanish University professor and author, member of the Spanish Royal Academy of Moral and Social Sciences.[1]

Dalmacio Negro Pavón

He is an attorney at law and holds both an MA in philosophy and a PhD in political science. Former positions include: associate professor of "Foundations in Philosophy", associate professor of "Philosophy in History" and professor of "History of ideas and Political Forms" at Universidad Complutense in Madrid, Spain.[2]

At the moment he is professor emerito of political science at CEU San Pablo University in Madrid (Spain)[3] wherein he is actively engaged in the teaching of the degree in political science and public administration. He is also chairman of an advanced political science and history of ideas seminar that meets once a week.[4]

Selected bibliography[edit]

A selected bibliography of Prof. Dalmacio Negro's books in Spanish (at the moment there are no English translations), sorted by year of first publication:

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