Oliver George Simmons

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Oliver Simmons back row wearing vest, hands on hips, with crew and Signal Corps No.1 Wright Flyer

Oliver George Simmons (July 14, 1878 – April 9, 1948) was an early airplane mechanic and aviator.


He was born in Philadelphia. He joined the U.S. Army Signal Corps. He served in the Philippines from 1899 to 1902. He married Dual Leaman, on July 12, 1904. He studied at Catholic University. He was assigned to the Wright Military Flyer. He went with it to College Park Airport, and Fort Sam Houston.[1] On 8 August 1910, he installed tricycle landing gear, with Glen Madole.[2]

On July 14, 1911, he left to work for Robert J. Collier.[3] He learned to fly at Dayton, Ohio, and Wickatunk, New Jersey, where he soloed on May 18, 1912. On July 4, 1912, he flew a Wright-Burgess seaplane, from South Amboy to Perth Amboy, across the Raritan River, to drop mail.[4]


He is an inductee of the Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum of New Jersey.


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