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Victor Estenio Pazmiño (June 24, 1899 – June 6, 1970) was a cartoonist who was one of the earliest American comic book artists. For several years he drew most of the covers for the pioneering comic Famous Funnies.

Born in Ecuador, Pazmiño was brought to America as an infant and educated in Brooklyn at Erasmus Hall High School, where he was art editor of The Erasmian,[1] and at Pratt Institute.[2] By the mid-1920s he was producing syndicated newspaper strips including Frolicky Funnies (with Wesley Morse)[3] and The Figgers Family.[4]

Starting in the 1930s his work appeared regularly in American comic books, including The Funnies, Famous Funnies, Keen Detective Funnies, Daredevil Comics, Black Terror, Fighting Yank, Barnyard Comics and Whiz Comics, usually signed with his initials, VEP.[5] He also contributed gag cartoons to Ballyhoo.


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