Maryam Jafari Azarmani

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Maryam Jafari Azarmani
Native name مریم جعفری آذرمانی
Born (1977-11-25) November 25, 1977 (age 40)
Tehran, Iran
Occupation Poet, literary critic, translator
Alma mater Alzahra University

Maryam Jafari Azarmani (or Azarmâni, Aazarmaani) (Persian: مریم جعفری آذرمانی), is an Iranian poet, literary critic, and translator. She was born in Tehran, Iran in 1977.


Azarmani began writing poetry in 1996. She has published several books of poetry since 2007. She graduated from Alzahra University with a master's degree in Persian literature, the title of her thesis is "Analysis of the implications in one hundred poems of Hossein Monzavi based on Grice's theories". Azarmani has studied French Translation (Bachelor's degree) and translated French poetry.[1]


  • Symphony of the locked narrative (سمفونیِ روایتِ قفل شده)
  • Piano (پیانو)[2][3]
  • Seven (هفت)
  • The pick (زخمه)
  • Qanun (قانون)
  • 68 seconds remain to the performance of this opera (68 ثانیه به اجرای این اپرا مانده است)
  • A Saw can be Heard (صدای ارّه می آید)[4][5]
  • Tribun (تریبون)[6]
  • Negotiation (مذاکرات)
  • Circle (دایره)
  • Beat (ضربان)
  • The Other Meaning (Analysis of the Implications in Poems of Hossein Monzavi Based on Paul Grice's Theories)[7]

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