Henry Whilden Lockwood

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Henry Whilden Lockwood
55th Mayor of Charleston
In office
1938 – June 5, 1944
Preceded byBurnett R. Maybank
Succeeded byE. Edward Wehman, Jr.
Mayor Lockwood lived at 12-B Rutledge Ave. during his time in office.

Henry Whilden Lockwood was the fifty-fifth mayor of Charleston, South Carolina, serving between 1938 and 1944.

After completing the term of his predecessor, Lockwood was elected without opposition on December 12, 1939.[1] He was sworn in on December 18, 1939.[2] As mayor, he lobbied his predecessor to continue funding for the construction of a municipal incinerator.[3] Federal authorities continued to delay the construction, however.[4] Lockwood initially supported the demolition of a historic wall at the old Charleston jail until several leaders, including Governor Maybank, expressed support for preserving the structure.[5]

Lockwood was born on August 24, 1891 to Robert Henry Lockwood and Ella Ann Whilden Lockwood. Lockwood died in office on June 5, 1944, and is buried at Magnolia Cemetery in Charleston.[6]

Lockwood lived in a second floor apartment at 12-B Rutledge Ave.[7]


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Preceded by
Burnet R. Maybank
Mayor of Charleston, South Carolina
Succeeded by
E. Edward Wehman, Jr.