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This article lists some of the major characters in the Deverry Cycle by Katharine Kerr.

People of Deverry[edit]


Nevyn is a traveling herbman—an apothecary-physician who practices herbal medicine. He is also a powerful sorcerer known as the Master of Aethyr. In his youth, he was Galrion, a prince of Deverry, but is stripped of that name along with all his rank and titles. His new name, Nevyn, means "no one" in the Deverrian language. When his selfish actions result in the death of Brangwen, his betrothed and a woman with the potential to be a great sorceress, Nevyn swears an oath "not to rest" until he set things right. Because his oath was accepted by powerful spirits called Great Ones, Nevyn is actually incapable of dying until he fulfills it.

Other incarnations: Neb.

Cullyn of Cerrmor[edit]

Cullyn is a wandering mercenary, who is renowned as the greatest swordsman in Deverry. Cullyn saves Rhodry Maelwaedd's life during Loddlaen's rebellion, and in gratitude the young lord accepts him into his service, even making Cullyn the captain of his warband. Cullyn died in the interval between the end of The Dragon Revenant and the beginning of A Time of Exile.

Other incarnations: Gerraent, Tanyc, Cinvan, Dannyn, Owaen, Danry, Gwairyc, Gerran.


Carramaena is the daughter of a noble-born, but poor, family. When her miserly brother inherited the demesne, she ran off to avoid being forcibly married. She sought after her lover, Prince Daralanteriel of the Westfolk, and found him with Rhodry's help. Carramaena and Daralanteriel marry, and their child is the incarnation of the Guardian Elessario.

Other incarnations: Ylaena, Bellyra, Glaenara


Cullyn's daughter, who has latent dweomer talent. As a child, she followed her father on his wanderings, and learned swordcraft from him. Jill becomes Rhodry's lover, following him into exile. After being separated from Rhodry, Jill is abducted by Perryn, who places her under his strange spell, though Salamander eventually rescues her. Perryn's influence causes Jill's latent dweomer abilities to manifest; she begins studying under Salamander to avoid being driven mad by supernatural forces. The two of them sail to Bardek to rescue Rhodry from slavery, but upon return to Deverry, she leaves Rhodry behind to become Nevyn's apprentice, and eventually succeeds him as Master of Aethyr. When the Horsekin laid siege to Cengarn, Jill assisted in the city's defence, and slew the mad Guardian Alshandra—though she died in the act.

Other incarnations: Brangwen, Lyssa, Gweniver, Branoic, Morwen, Branna.


Perryn is a landless lord who survives by mooching from his relatives and by theft. He has an unusual psychic ability which he uses to seduce women and steal horses, unaware that it consumes his life-force. He enthralls and abducts Jill. Salamander rescues her and has Perryn sent to Nevyn to save his life. He later becomes a priest of the god Kerun.


Aderyn is the son of a bard, Gweran, and his wife, Lyssa. He is also Nevyn's former apprentice, and his dweomer skills include being able to transform into an owl. After he completes his apprenticeship, Aderyn leaves Deverry to live among the Westfolk. He marries a woman of the Westfolk, Dallandra, who bears him a son, Loddlaen. He was given an elven lifespan, a gift from the Guardian Evandar so that he may live to see his wife Dallandra again after she left the physical world to help Evandar and his people, where time runs differently. However, Evandar does not grant him the elven gift of youth, and he ages as a human does. After 7 days in Evandars world, Dallandra returns to Aderyn but almost 200 years have passed in the physical. By this time Aderyn had lost all hope of seeing Dallandra again. Though he suffered greatly within himself he could no longer return her love and Dallandra left him again to return to the guardians soon after birthing Alodalenterial (Loddlaen).

Rhodry Maelwaedd[edit]

[Rod-ree] Publicly believed to be the youngest son of Tingyr Maelwaedd, his father is in fact Devaberiel Silverhand, an elven bard—though only a handful of people know his true parentage. After Loddlaen's dweomer war, he is sent into political exile by his half-brother Rhys. During his wanderings, Rhodry is captured and sold as a slave in the Bardekian islands. When Rhys is mortally wounded, Rhodry is recalled from exile to take his brother's place as the Gwerbret of Aberwyn. When his true lineage is in danger of being discovered, Rhodry fakes his own death, and begins living among the Westfolk. Near the end of "The Fire Dragon", Rhodry undergoes a physical transformation as Evandar strives to save his life from Raena's stabbing.

Other incarnations: Blaen, Gweran, Ricyn, Maddyn, Maer, Meddry

Rhys Maelwaedd[edit]

Lovyan's eldest son, and the Gwerbrert of Aberwyn. He despises Rhodry, who is generally better-liked. After Corbyn's rebellion, Rhys sent Rhodry into exile, to curry favour with his vassals, and to seize the lands Rhodry would have inherited upon Lovyan's death. Rhys has fertility problems. He was killed in a magically-contrived hunting accident.

Other incarnations: Ridvar


The widow of the previous Gwerbret of Aberwyn, Tingyr Maelwaedd. She has four children, of which Rhodry is the only one still alive. Although Deverrian noblewomen do not usually hold titles or lands, Lovyan rules a large demesne in her own right.

Other incarnations: Rodda, Cabrylla, Dolyan


Ebañy Salomonderiel tranDevaberiel[edit]

Usually known as Salamander for brevity. He is half-elven gerthddyn (a travelling singer and entertainer) as well as a journeyman dweomerworker. His manner of speaking is often overly verbose and flowery; Jill often addresses him as "you chattering elf!" In later books, he becomes a powerful dweomermaster in his own right, and spends more of his time travelling with his Westfolk kin. He is also Rhodry's half-brother, sharing a father, Devaberiel.


An elven dweomermaster (Wise One) and gem master who can use gems to scry and search for omens. She was Salamander's master in the craft, and her only lover was murdered by Loddlaen. In later books, she aids Dallandra and Salamander, as well as restores the horn that summons the Shadow Isle.


The half-human, half-elven son of Aderyn and Dallandra, Loddlaen was abandoned by his mother almost immediately after his birth. He was raised by his father, who doted upon him and even instructed him in sorcery. Although he has a natural talent for magic, Loddlaen is imbalanced because his foetal development was interrupted when his mother Dallandra first travels to the world of the guardians. He is eventually driven mad by the manipulation of an evil sorcerer who wish Rhodry Maelwaedd dead, he foments rebellion in the province of Eldidd.


An elven dweomer master. Although she was initially happily married to Aderyn, she left him and their son to be with her lover, Evandar, and to pursue her work of helping the race of Guardians incarnate. Later she has a daughter with Calonderiel, an elven warleader or banadar.

People of the Rhiddaer[edit]


A girl from the Rhiddaer. Sister to Jahdo. Dallandra's apprentice.

Other incarnations: Lillorigga, Lanmara


Boy from the Rhiddaer. Accompanies Meer, the blind bard, in search of Meer's brother. Brother to Niffa.



Evandar, who possesses near-limitless dweomer ability, is the leader of the Bright Court (also called the Seelie Host). He is Alshandra's husband and Elessario's father-figure. He seems to enjoy meddling in the affairs of mortals, to the point that some Gel Da Thae worship him as a god.


Alshandra is Evandar's wife, and Elessario's mother-figure. When Elessario becomes the first Guardian to incarnate, Alshandra's grief and rage drive her mad. In an attempt to get Elessario back, Alshandra poses as a goddess to the Horsekin, setting off a chain of events that causes the first Horsekin invasion of Deverry.


Alshandra's daughter.


Evandar's younger brother, and leader of the Dark (Unseelie) Court



Blind bard of the Gel da'Thae. Had a geas laid upon him by his mother to find his brother.


A dwarven silversmith. He was exiled from dwarven lands because he would not pay a debt. Bellyra is considered by most to be the only person he ever loved. He created the first of many silver daggers, as well as the ring used to enslave Arzosah. He also built the silver box used to contain the curse on Maryn.


A copper, green and black dragon who dwells in the far northern mountains. Her true name, Arzosah Sothy Lorezohaz, is inscribed on a ring which gives its owner the power to command her. Compelled by the power of her true name, she assisted in the defence of Cengarn. Rhodry and she become friends, and he gives her the ring at the end of "Days of Blood and Fire", freeing her. In "The Fire Dragon" Arzosah considers him her first true friend, and in the last books we learn that in his dragon form Rori (Rhodry's dragon name) has become Arzosah's mate and has dragon children by her.

Incarnations of the various characters[1]
71 C.E. 643 696 718 773 835–843 918 980 1060s 1100s 1150s
Hwilli Brangwen Lyssa Gweniver Branoic Morwen Jill Jill Branna
Galerinos Galrion Nevyn Nevyn Nevyn Nevyn Nevyn Nevyn Nevyn Neb
Rhodorix Blaen Gweran Ricyn Maddyn Maer Meddry Rhodry Rhodry Rori
Gerontos Gerraent Tanyc Cinvan Dannyn Owaen Danry Gwairyc Cullyn Gerran
Brennos Madoc Addryc Glyn Caradoc Blaen of Cwm Pecl Drwmyc Voran
Rodda Cabrylla Dolyan Lovyan
Ysolla Cadda Macla Clwna Braedda Seryan Solla
Rhegor Caer
Ylaena Bellyra Glaenara Carramaena Carramaena
Adoryc Burcan Sarcyn Verrarc Aethel
Dagwyn Aethan Leomyr Gwin Warryc
Saddar Oggyn Ogwern Oth
Anasyn Kiel
Lillorigga Lanmara Niffa Niffa
Bevyan Dera Galla
Merodda Mella Mallona Raena Sidro
Mael Pertyc Maelwaedd Rhodda Lady Rhodda
Olaen Jahdo Jahdo
Maryn Yraen Clae
Elyssa Alaena Marka
Rhys Ridvar
Sligyn Erddyr Cadryc
Brour Tirro Alastyr Tren Laz Moj
Perryn Pir
Loddlaen Loddlaen Dari
Nalla Dallandra Dallandra Dallandra Dallandra Dallandra Dallandra Dallandra Dallandra Dallandra Dallandra


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