Águilas de Mexicali

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Águilas de Mexicali
AguilasMexicaliLogo.png Aguilasinsignia.png
Team logo Cap insignia
League Mexican Pacific League
Location Mexicali, Baja California
Ballpark Estadio Casas GEO
Year founded 1970
League championships 1986, 1989, 1999
Caribbean Series championships 1986
Colors Red, blue, white
Ownership Club de béisbol Águilas de Mexicali[1]
Manager Francisco Rodríguez
General Manager Dio Alberto Murillo
Website aguilasdemexicali.com.mx

The Águilas de Mexicali (Mexicali Eagles) is a Mexican Pro baseball team playing for the Liga Mexicana del Pacífico (Mexican Pacific League) based in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

The team was founded on October 14, 1976. They have won the championship three times, 1985–1986 (coach, Benjamin Reyes), 1988–1989 (coach, Dave Machemer), 1998–1999 (coach, Francisco Estrada). The team also won the 1986 Caribbean Series, played in Venezuela.

Their stadium is called El Nido (The Nest) with a Capacity of 19,500.

Notable players[edit]

Retired numbers[edit]

34, 29,


  • President: Dio Alberto Murillo Rogers
  • Vice President: Rigoberto Cardenas Valdez
  • Vice President of Operations: Jose Luiz Rodriguez Escoto
  • Director, Scouting: David Cardenas Cortes

Current roster[edit]

Águilas de Mexicali roster
Active roster Coaches/Other






  • 91 Mexico Ricky Álvarez
  •  7 Mexico Santiago González
  • 24 Mexico Jorge Guzmán
  •  9 Mexico Román Peña
  • 22 United States Chris Roberson


  •  2 Mexico Francisco Rodríguez


Injury icon 2.svg Disabled list
‡ Inactive list
§ Suspended list

 updated 2011-10-21
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Roster source MLB.com[2]


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