2010 ITU World Championship Series

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The Dextro Energy Triathlon – ITU World Championship Series 2010 was a series of six World Championship Triathlon Events leading to a Grand Final held in Budapest, Hungary in September 2010. The Series was organised under the auspices of the world governing body of triathlon – the International Triathlon Union (ITU) – and was sponsored by Dextro Energy.

Series events[edit]

The series touched down on three continents, stopping in some locations used in the 2009 series, as well as some new ones. Budapest was a successful new venue for the ITU World Cup/World Championships.

Date[1] Location Status
April 11 Australia Sydney Event
May 8 South Korea Seoul Event
June 5–6 Spain Madrid Event
July 17–18 Germany Hamburg Event
July 24–25 United Kingdom London, United Kingdom Event
August 14–15 Austria Kitzbühel Event
September 8–12 Hungary Budapest, Hungary Grand Final

Medal summary[edit]


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Sydney  Bevan Docherty (NZL)  Alexander Brukhankov (RUS)  David Hauss (FRA)
Seoul  Jan Frodeno (GER)  Courtney Atkinson (AUS)  Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS)
Madrid  Alistair Brownlee (GBR)  Courtney Atkinson (AUS)  Sven Riederer (SUI)
Hamburg  Javier Gómez (ESP)  Jan Frodeno (GER)  Tim Don (GBR)
London  Javier Gómez (ESP)  Jonathan Brownlee (GBR)  Jan Frodeno (GER)
Kitzbühel  Stuart Hayes (GBR)  Javier Gómez (ESP)  Jan Frodeno (GER)
Budapest  Alistair Brownlee (GBR)  Javier Gómez (ESP)  Steffen Justus (GER)
Final Ranking[2]  Javier Gómez (ESP)  Steffen Justus (GER)  Brad Kahlefeldt (AUS)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Sydney  Bárbara Riveros Díaz (CHI)  Andrea Hewitt (NZL)  Emma Moffatt (AUS)
Seoul  Daniela Ryf (SUI)  Bárbara Riveros Díaz (CHI)  Emma Moffatt (AUS)
Madrid  Nicola Spirig (SUI)  Emmie Charayron (FRA)  Helen Jenkins (GBR)
Hamburg  Lisa Nordén (SWE)  Emma Moffatt (AUS)  Aileen Morrison (IRL)
London  Paula Findlay (CAN)  Nicola Spirig (SUI)  Helen Jenkins (GBR)
Kitzbühel  Paula Findlay (CAN)  Lisa Nordén (SWE)  Andrea Hewitt (NZL)
Budapest  Emma Snowsill (AUS)  Emma Moffatt (AUS)  Nicola Spirig (SUI)
Final Ranking[2]  Emma Moffatt (AUS)  Nicola Spirig (SUI)  Lisa Nordén (SWE)


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