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For the Hindu astrology term, see Abhijit.

Abhijit, also spelled Abhijeet, is a male name common in the Indian subcontinent. The meaning of Abhijit is "victorious" or "conqueror" in the Sanskrit language. Abhijit (or Abhijeet) is the Sanskrit name for Vega, the brightest star in the northern constellation of Lyra. In the Zoroastrian religion, Vega is a minor deity called Vanant (which means "conqueror" in the Avestan language). Vanant's great task is to guard the mythical mountain at the center of the earth through which the sun passes everyday.[1]

Abhijit is the name (in the Hindu measurement of time, Muhurat) of a period of 48 minutes centered around solar noon which is considered a good time to start any task.

Notable people with the name include: