After (Sammi Cheng album)

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Studio album by Sammi Cheng
Released May, 1995
Recorded 1995
Genre Cantopop
Label Capital Artists
Sammi Cheng chronology
Lost Memory After Missing You

After (Chinese: 其後) is a studio album by Cantopop singer Sammi Cheng. It was recorded in 1995 and released in May.


  1. 折翼天使
  2. 傷心之旅
  3. 內心戲
  4. 願意不願意
  5. I'd Never Let You Go
  6. 獨個在傷感的角落
  7. 一見心醉
  8. 愛的極品
  9. 女人不再幼稚
  10. 再見