Al-Ghurair Group

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Saif Ahmad Al Ghurair Group
Type Diversified Industrial Group
Industry Manufacturing, investments, banking, insurance, shipping, Electro-mechanical, power, retail, trading, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Industries, construction, cement, aluminum, Real Estate, Shopping Mall, Packaging and labelling, Education, Wireless, Telecommunication
Founded 1960
Headquarters Dubai, UAE - Al Ghurair Group, PO Box #1, Salah Al-Din Road, Deira, Dubai, UAE (Head office / Registered office)
Key people Saif Ahmad Al Ghurair,
Employees ~25,000 (approximately on or before Jan 2006)

Al-Ghurair Group is a business group pertaining to the Al-Ghurair family in the UAE.


The Al Ghurair family legacy can be traced back to Ahmad Al Ghurair, who founded Al Ghurair Group in 1960. The family name has been a fixture within the UAE business community ever since. Ahmad Al Ghurair passed on his legacy to his sons Saif, Abdulla, Majid, Marwan and Jomaa.

Recent history[edit]

Until the 1990s, Al Ghurair Group was led by Saif Ahmad Al Ghurair. This corporation was formed in 1960. In the 1990s, Saif Ahmad Al Ghurair and Abdulla Al Ghurair embraked upon creating two unique yet complementing diversified industrial groups. That decision led to the creation of Saif Ahmad Al Ghurair Group and Abdulla Al Ghurair Group.

Saif Ahmed Al Ghurair Group[edit]

Saif Ahmad Al Ghurair Group (Arabic: مجموعة سيف الغرير), with expertise in retail, industry and manufacturing, is one of three biggest exporting and importing companies in the UAE. With a presence in more than 20 countries, the group has three main lines of business—real Estate and Shopping Malls. — Manufacturing (Packaging Solutions and Aluminum). — investments.


  • 1976: Gulf Extrusions incorporated.
  • 1982: Arabian Packaging incorporated.
  • 1990: Fertiliser, Fertiliser Raw materials and Minerals - Tradeline LLC
  • 1991: Burjuman Mall opens for public.
  • 1991: Arabian Packaging moves to 10,000-square-metre (110,000 sq ft) factory and installs the largest line of corrugators in UAE.
  • 1994: Al Ghurair Group, private company established.
  • 1994: Steel and non-ferrous metals - Tradeline LLC
  • 1996: Arabian Packaging is the first packaging company in the GCC to achieve ISO 9002 Certification.
  • 1997: Trigon LLC is set up - IT distribution company for Viewsonic, LG, Creative, D-Link, ELo Touch Screens, Ergotron et al. is incorporated. It soon becomes the first distribution company in the UAE to be ISO 9001:2000 certified.
  • 1998: Dubai Poly Film set up the first BOPP plant with an 8,000 TPa capacity to be the largest producer of BOPP in the GCC and the Middle East.
  • 1998: Trans Gulf Aluminium Co - Tradeline LLC
  • 1999: Arabian Can Industry inaugurated and starts production.
  • 2000: Bitumen & Petro:chemicals - Tradeline LLC
  • 2000: Dubai Poly Film awarded ISO 9002 Certification.
  • 2000: Arabian Packaging installs Martin Mini FFg 618 casemaker.
  • 2000: Mr. Ahmad Saif Al Ghurair receives the Silver Box award from Martin.
  • 2000: Gulf Extrusion expands its capacity and adds a third extrusion line.
  • 2002: Burjuman invests AED 1.4 billion in expansion to have entire project area 4,400,000 square feet (410,000 m2).
  • 2002: Gulf Extrusions receives ISO 9002 Certification.
  • 2002: Saif Al Ghurair Group invests AED 200 million in a new shopping mall targeting middle income families.
  • 2003: Saif Al Ghurair donates 2 million United Arab Emirates dirham in the fund-raising campaign launched by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum foundation for humanitarian and charity works to support the Iraqi people.
  • 2003: Burjuman expansion reaches the final construction phase with 66% of the project completed and 100% of retail space leased out.
  • 2003: Al Ghurair Group is the first major organization in UAE to migrate to Linux. Al Ghurair uses Linux as a platform for all enterprise business applications (i.e. Oracle e-Business Suite, DNS, Mail etc.,) and desktops / laptops.
  • 2003: Saif Al Ghurair Group implements eAM in Gulf Extrusions and becomes the only organization in the region to have representation in Oracle eAM customer Advisory Board from Europe, Middle East and Africa Region.
  • 2005: Tradeline Crusher Management - Tradeline LLC
  • 2006: Al Ghurair Iron & Steel L.L.C. : UAE’s first integrated cold rolling and galvanizing steel complex

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