Arboga Södra IF

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Arboga Södra IF
Arboga Södra IF.png
Full name Arboga Södra Idrottsföreningen
Nickname(s) ASIF
Founded 1933
Ground Ekbackens IP
Chairman Clas-Ove Bergman
League Division 3 Västra Svealand
2010 Division 4 Västmanland, 1st (Promoted)

Arboga Södra IF is a Swedish football club located in Arboga in Västmanland County.[1]


Arboga Södra Idrottsföreningen were formed in May 1933 by sports enthusiasts in Södra Skogen in Arboga. A major project undertaken was the development of Ekbacken IP in 1967 and the restoration of the "Södragården" as a clubhouse. The municipality donated the building and construction materials to the club who themselves undertook the extensive renovation of the dilapidated building. The changing pavilion was built in 1975-76 and later extended with two dressing rooms, a meeting room and a kiosk.[2]

Since their foundation Arboga Södra IF has participated mainly in the middle and lower divisions of the Swedish football league system. The club currently plays in Division 3 Västra Svealand which is the fifth tier of Swedish football.[3] They play their home matches at the Ekbackens IP in Arboga.[4]

Arboga Södra IF are affiliated to Västmanlands Fotbollförbund.[5]

Recent History[edit]

In recent seasons Arboga Södra IF have competed in the following divisions:

2011 - Division III, Västra Svealand
2010 - Division IV, Västmanland
2009 - Division III, Västra Svealand
2008 - Division III, Västra Svealand
2007 - Division IV, Västmanland
2006 - Division IV, Västmanland
2005 - Division IV, Västmanland
2004 - Division IV, Västmanland
2003 - Division IV, Västmanland
2002 - Division IV, Västmanland
2001 - Division III, Västra Svealand
2000 - Division III, Västra Svealand
1999 - Division III, Västra Svealand
1998 - Division III, Västra Svealand
1997 - Division III, Västra Svealand
1996 - Division III, Västra Svealand
1995 - Division II, Västra Svealand
1994 - Division III, Västra Svealand
1993 - Division II, Västra Svealand [6] [7] [8]


In recent seasons Arboga Södra IF have had the following average attendances:

Season Average Attendance Division / Section Level
2007 Not available Div 4 Västmanland Tier 6
2008 253 Div 3 Västra Svealand Tier 5
2009 209 Div 3 Västra Svealand Tier 5
2010 232 Div 4 Västmanland Tier 6

* Attendances are provided in the Publikliga sections of the Svenska Fotbollförbundet website. [9]


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