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The Asthma And Bronchitis Association Of India (ABAI) was founded in 1984 at the Pulmonary function laboratory of St. George's Hospital in Mumbai. It is one of the earliest body of a Non-governmental organization and Nonprofit organization solely dedicated to the cause of Asthma and Allergy education and awareness for all patients in India. It is instrumental in organizing several activities for the benefit and well being of asthma patients. Some of the major regular works of the association include:

  • An Annual trek
  • Annual Sports meet
  • Health check-up scheme for members
  • Provision of emergency inhalers at discount rate
  • Nebulizers on hire at minimal cost
  • Newsletter- Asthma Times for latest information on asthma and asthma care
  • Anti-tobacco campaigns
  • Asthma camps and community programmes

The association is also involved in creating awareness of asthma in India and particularly so in Mumbai by publishing various articles in reputed newspapers like - The Times of India[1], Mumbai Mirror[2] , DNA[3], Hindustan Times and many others. The association has over 10,000 registered members and over 500 active volunteers. It has 3 reputed chest physicians and Asthma specialists on the core panel. Though it still operates from its initial location at St. George's hospital it has another satellite office at the Asthma Allergy Clinic in central Mumbai.


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