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Aud Schønemann with her husband Jan Pande-Rolfsen, 1970

Aud Schønemann (13 November 1922 – 30 October 2006) was a Norwegian actress, regarded by many as the leading comedienne of her generation in Norway.

She was born in Østre Aker, and was a daughter of actor August Schønemann and dancer Dagmar Kristensen.[1]

She started her acting career in 1945, and is probably best known for her role as Valborg Jensen in the Olsenbanden movies, as Marve Fleksnes' mother on the long-running Norwegian television comedy Fleksnes Fataliteter and as the janitor's wife in the comedy film Skulle det dukke opp flere lik, er det bare å ringe (based on the play BusyBody by Jack Popplewell).

In 1993, she was knighted in the Royal Norwegian Order of St Olav.

Her appearance in over 50 movies is supposedly a Norwegian record.


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