Aukštadvaris Manor

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Aukštadvaris Manor is in Aukštadvaris, Lithuania. The palace, park, and ponds have survived.


A manor was mentioned in Aukštadvaris in the 16th century. It stood on Aukštadvaris Hillfort.

In 1837, Antoni Malewski built the present-day manor complex with its park and trout ponds, which have survived up until now. The Malewski family controlled the manor until the First World War. A tuberculosis hospital operated at the manor after the Second World War.

One of the oaks in the manor garden is known as the Adomas Mickevičius Oak (natural monument; about 20 m high, 4.4 m wide). Philomath P. Malewski was a friend of Adomas Mickevičius and so the poet frequently visited Aukštadvaris. He loved to sit under the oak in the manor's park near Aukštadvaris Hillfort.


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