Bat & Ball Inn, Clanfield

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The Bat and Ball Inn at Broadhalfpenny Down
Sign on the Wall of the Bat and Ball Inn

The Bat & Ball Inn near Clanfield, Hampshire, England, is an historic eighteenth century pub situated opposite the Broadhalfpenny Down cricket ground, the original home of the Hambledon Club. It is traditionally, though erroneously, called "the cradle of cricket". The pub is currently owned by Fuller's and is a former George Gale and Co Ltd Pub.

Richard Nyren, a landlord of the inn from 1762 to 1772, was the Hambledon Club's team captain. Nyren was succeeded as landlord by William Barber, another well-known Hambledon cricketer, who held the licence until 1784.[1][2]

The Monarch's Way long-distance footpath passes the pub.


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