Black Hunting Whip

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Black Hunting Whip
Black Hunting Whip.jpg
Author Monica Edwards
Illustrator Geoffrey Whittam
Cover artist Geoffrey Whittam
Language English
Genre Young-adult fiction
Publisher Collins
Published 1950
Preceded by No Mistaking Corker
Followed by Punchbowl Midnight

Black Hunting Whip is the first book in the Punchbowl Farm series of novels by Monica Edwards, published in 1950 by Collins - although the preceding novel in the series (No Mistaking Corker) featured the same characters but was written before the purchase of Punchbowl Farm. Mrs Thornton buys the farm at auction at the beginning of the story just as Monica Edwards had done in real life in 1947.[1] Dion finds an ancient diary in the farm cellar which eventually leads to the discovery of the eponymous hunting whip.

Blurb from First Edition[edit]

Mrs. Thornton goes to an auction, and to her surprise acquires a ruined farmhouse and seventy wild acres. It lies in a deep Surrey valley, peeping behind the leaning fruit trees of its orchard. It is built of quarry stone, with pearl-grey timbers, diamond-paned windows and a steep, wide roof encrusted with moss and lichen. The Thorntons give their hearts to it at once and work hard to make the farm a success. There is much to do, much to be learnt and many difficulties to overcome, for the house is very old and the land is overgrown.
As they build for the future they discover fascinating relics of the past. The most exciting of these is Dion's discovery of the diary of a boy, which tells the story of the Black Hunting Whip. They determine to find the whip and to fulfil the boy's wish that it should be carried to victory in the Guildford Show. Their efforts to achieve this lead to a strange and unexpected event.

Subsequent editions[edit]

  • Crown edition reprint - 1955
  • Scottie Books paperback - 1956
  • Armada Paperback - 1964
  • Collins Pony Library - 1974
  • John Goodchild new edition (updated) - 1984
  • Girls Gone By Publishers reprint of original - May 2011

Black Hunting Whip was first serialised in the Collins Magazine during 1950 and 1951. This was technically the first edition.[2] Several of the illustrations in the serialised version differ from those in the hardback first edition and the calf Punchbowl Midnight is named Punch Bowl Midnight in this version—it was written before Monica Edwards decided to contract the name of the farm in the stories to Punchbowl Farm. The episodes were later collected together in the 1951 Collins Magazine Annual (Volume 4).[3][4]


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