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Boot socks are a type of sock suitable for wearing with boots. Typically made from a knitted material, popular styles of knit currently are the cable and fairisle knit. Boot socks provide additional comfort and warmth in colder weather.[1][unreliable source?] Boots are often worn by both genders, with military boots, brogue boots and hiking boots all being popular styles to pair with boot socks. Boot socks vary in lengths, ranging from normal sized socks to knee high length socks.


Boot socks can be worn for comfort or for fashion.The turn up of trousers, showing a dash of the boot sock is a trend which has been highlighted by various fashion sources. Rolling the boot socks down in a scruffy way adds a unique touch to a look. Boot socks are also used for the obvious function of warmth and comfort. Boots are seen as hard wearing footwear and aren't as comfortable to wear as most shoes,so wearing a decent sock is crucial. Wearing the boot socks have become popular with the Wellington Boot, hiking boots and wearing them for any other sporting activity involving walking long distances.


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