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Broom & Groom
Author Pavan Choudary and Kiran Bedi
Country India
Language English
Genre Personality Development
Publisher Wisdom Village Publications
Media type Print (Hardbound)
ISBN 9789380710013

Broom & Groom (co-authors Pavan Choudary and Kiran Bedi), published in August 2010, is a book on personality development and personal growth. Within six months of its launch, the book became a best seller.


Broom & Groom is a book on hygiene and manners co-authored by Pavan Choudary and Kiran Bedi to awaken The Right to Civic Sense among the people of India. On a literal level, "broom" is used for cleaning house and "groom" for civility. The book discusses basic etiquette that people often fail to demonstrate.

Commenting on the book, APJ Abdul Kalam, former President of India said, “Every citizen of the nation, from all walks of life, needs to have a disciplined life. This book will contribute to creating an awareness among all in setting their own standards in disciplining their lives leading to good life, good society, and thereby a good nation.” [1]

Through illustrations and graphics, the authors provide readers with various examples of uncivilized behaviour. The book was released in August 2010 at the press club in New Delhi. At the launch, authors Choudary and Bedi noted, “The fundamental thought behind the book is to trigger a civic sense movement where the people in power and the public come together and once and for all change the conditions we live in.”

The book aims to help corporate sector employees differentiate themselves from competition, encourage children to excel at social interactions, and help students distinguish themselves at interviews. Broom & Groom has been well-received across India by large corporations such as G4S, Maruti, and Torrent, institutes such as Bharatiya Vidyapeeth, and many schools across the country.

Currently, Broom & Groom has been translated in Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam.


This book is divided into two main categories: grooming and brooming. Under grooming, the book covers areas such as how to greet guests appropriately, how to handle hierarchy in office and personally, and how to converse effectively. It further details how to be a good host and guest, social interaction etiquettes, dining manners, how to behave in a lift, mobile manners, restaurant manners, parking etiquettes, how to behave while driving or walking on roads, in public places such as airports, cinema halls, in classrooms, with teachers, how to behave around VIPS, foreigners, in offices, while in hospitals, with house help. Grooming includes how to maintain physical appearance, how to keep office, bathroom manners, day to day decency and how to maintain the kitchen.


“Broom & Groom written by Kiran Bedi and Pavan Choudary is a wonderful experience for me to read every page. Each page in the book is useful to improve the way of life. Certainly, this book will contribute to create awareness among all in setting their own standards in disciplining their lives leading to good life, good society, and thereby a good nation.” - Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Azad, Former President of India

“The book would help in personality building, besides improving standards of civility.” – The Hindu[2]

“Indians and civic sense don’t often go together. That may change if our worthy countrymen take broom & groom to heart.” - The Telegraph

“It addresses separate categories- students, government officials, and so on and the illustrations help make it a useful handbook for people who badly need it.” - The Times of India

“Broom & Groom by proud Indians Kiran Bedi and Pavan Choudary is a collector’s item. A must on every book shelf.” - Deccan Chronicle


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