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Origin Rome, Italy
Genres Black metal, thrash metal
Years active 2005–present
Labels Vampyria Records
Associated acts Theatres des Vampires, Lord Vampyr's Shadowsreign, VII Arcano, Stormlord
Members Lord Alexander
Francesco Bucci
Past members Luca

Cain is an Italian black/thrash metal band formed and based in Rome. It is one of Theatres des Vampires' former vocalist Alessandro "Lord Vampyr" Nunziati's many musical side projects. Cain's lyrics are written mostly in Italian and Latin, and deal with the history/mythology of the Roman Empire. They self-describe their musical style as "Praetorian black metal".

The band was formed in 2005 by Nunziati (who left Theatres des Vampires the year prior), two members of his backing live band (S.K. and Nighthorn) and Luca. In the same year, they released a two-track demo tape, Dioscuri Aurea Sæcula. Some time after the demo's release, Luca left the band.

In 2007, their first studio album, Triumvira, was released through Vampyria Records. It was well-received by the critics; Italian webzine awarded it a 79 out of 100.[1] However, the band entered a long hiatus period after the album's release, and were allegedly looking for a new record label during this period.

In 1 December 2014, Nunziati announced on his official Facebook page that Cain would be returning to active after a 7-year hiatus,[2] and on 4 December, he stated that Francesco Bucci, famous for being the bassist of symphonic black metal band Stormlord, would be joining Cain.[3]


  • 2005: Dioscuri Aurea Sæcula (demo)
  • 2007: Triumvira

Band members[edit]

Current members[edit]

  • Lord Alexander (Alessandro Nunziati) — guitars, vocals (2005-present)
  • Nighthorn (Silvano Leone) — bass (2005–present)
  • S.K. — drums (2005–present)
  • Francesco Bucci — bass (2014–present)

Former members[edit]

  • Luca — guitars (2005)


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